MindfulMarch Meditation Challenge
MindfulMarch Meditation Challenge

MindfulMarch Meditation Challenge

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This March, join our Meditation Challenge and benefit from mindfulness, loving kindness, and yoga nidra practices that support sleep, stress relief, self-compassion, attention skills, anxiety and more. You’ll have fun, expand your resilience, and discover how inner work leads to social change!

Choose between a 31-day or 10-day Challenge!
Sign up anytime in March, and you'll start receiving daily meditations by email. 

Click here to meet our Meditation Challenge teachers.

How your participation impacts lives:

  1. Expands access to our research-backed programs: Yoga, Retreat, and Mindset

  2. Sustains free programs and online resources for the TBI community

  3. Provides scholarships for our Yoga Teacher Trainings, which equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to support people with TBI in their own communities.